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They say variety is the spice of life, but that also extends to types of cooks who get the meal on the table. The skilled chefs at Charles Grech Bistro in Sliema have compiled a list of some of the different cook archetypes, because it’s always a good day for psychoanalysis. Which type of cook are you?

1. The Freestyler

The kitchen is your canvas, a haven to express your creativity. It is a rules-free zone where you combine whatever cuisines, techniques and ingredients happen to catch your fancy. Sometime, your one-of-a-kind creations are mind-blowingly good, other times, well… nobody ended up in hospital.

2. The Super-OCD Cook

Getting it close to the recipe is not enough, you must absolutely master the dish 100%. If that requires you to source obscure ingredients online or spend four hours slicing onions into perfect half-moons, then so be it.

3. The Instagram Cook

The main purpose for your cooking is to show it off on Instagram. By the time you’ve set the table to make your dish look Instagrammable (#foodporn), the food’s gone cold. But alas, priorities.

4. The Dumper

Cooking has become second nature to you, after what feels like a lifetime of cooking for a group of troops that can get downright hangry if they wait five minutes longer than promised. Which is why you’ve developed a steady repertoire of dishes whose prep mainly consists of opening cans, tearing foil pouches and throwing things into pots from across the kitchen.

5. The Home Kitchen DJ

Some types of cooks generate delicious flavours by procuring the best ingredients from local farms or delving into the world of obscure techniques. If you’re this type of cook, you hit the spice rack instead. Your spices have a dedicated area in your kitchen floorplan, making even the biggest spice market in Istanbul look lame.

You impress guests by throwing in wacky-sounding spices such as Gochugaru mid-sentence, and being the spice rack wizard that you are, you mix and match an assortment of dried herbs and spices nobody else would’ve thought of combining, thus adding an epic bass drop to everything.

6. The Headless Chicken

You have no idea what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. The kettle is whistling loudly, there’s something burning somewhere and you’re currently searching every drawer for a plaster for your bleeding finger.


No matter which type of cook you are, Charles Grech Bistro aims to impress. Our dishes are all made with top-quality ingredients by our skilled team of chefs to make your mouth water (and your Instagram followers green with envy). If you’re looking for a bistro in Malta where divine food meets the perfect ambience, head over for a great meal or liquor close to the sea at Charles Grech Bistro in Sliema.

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