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It’s cold outside – perfect time for a soup to warm up your body and soul! Nothing is more soothing than a hot soup. Whether you’re feeling slightly under the weather or are feeling sorry for yourself and craving some comfort, soup is always the answer. Here are some reasons soup should be your go-to starter or main meal this winter at Charles Grech Bistro – one of the most popular restaurants in Sliema.

1. Beat It

We’re taking Michael Jackson’s advice on this one; “Just beat it!” (the weather, that is). According to nutritionists, hot soup can increase your body temperature to warm you inside out, so if you’re struggling, a bowl of liquid goodness should do the trick to warm your fingers and toes this winter.

2. Magical Powers

There’s a lot to be said about soups and their restorative powers; they offer plenty of health benefits, depending on the ingredients used.

3. Boost your Feelings of Well-Being

There’s no denying the wholesome properties found in soup – it’s one of the most comforting foods and can pep you up on the darkest days of the year.

Choose From Two of Our Sexy Soups:

Lentil & Chorizo Soup
A blend of delicious flavours, including carrots, onions, potato and of course, chorizo, this is definitely a winner for tastebuds. We can’t not mention the nutty and earthy flavour of lentils, which are also a great source of protein, magnesium, iron and fibre, and help to reduce blood cholesterol.

Celeriac & Apple Soup
It may sound like an illness, but celeriac is actually great for the health. Tasting like celery, celeriac is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and can improve bone health, maintain a healthy digestive system and fight off free radicals to strengthen the immune system. And our celeriac & apple soup is as sexy and as tasty as they get.

Get your Tastebuds Going at Charles Grech Bistro – The Most Stylish of Restaurants in Sliema

Other than our delicious and nourishing soups, we have a range of options on our menu to please all palates. Get your frosty feet over here and enjoy a hearty meal in one of the cosiest restaurants in Sliema. Make your booking today by calling us on 21320926!

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