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Everyone knows that one of the best ways to win over potential clients or business partners is to wine and dine them; who doesn’t enjoy good food paired with a nice bottle of wine, together with a pleasant ambiance? Charles Grech Bistro have been host to their fair share of work meals and get-togethers. Read on to find out which factors we think are important to consider when choosing a venue for a business lunch.


Make sure that the restaurant or eatery is in a place that’s easy to find and get to. Delays and tensions may arise from confusing directions, setting the wrong mood before the guests have even arrived at the chosen destination.

Good service

Well trained staff are usually experienced enough to recognise when a group of diners have gathered to discuss important or work-related matters. Discretion and tact on the waiters’ and managers’ part is important – they should know when it is appropriate to check in with the guests and when to leave the table alone for the sake of privacy.

A delicious and varied menu

As well as making sure that whatever ends up on the table is of fine and reputable quality, it’s good to be aware of any dietary restrictions or preferences. Our bistro in Sliema caters for all kinds of diets, from seafood dishes and meaty mains to vegetarian pasta and sides. If you want to treat any foreign guests to a taste of traditional Maltese food, our starters also feature local cuisine which includes rabbit bellies and pan-fried rabbit liver.

A suitable atmosphere

Tasteful decor and peaceful surroundings can make a huge difference to any power lunch. Choose a venue with a quiet ambiance to enhance a productive mood and to make it easy to carry on a conversation without having to raise your voice. Any background music should be soft and relaxing, rather than loud and obtrusive.

Eat outside

If your dining companions are used to working indoors in front of desks and computers all day, why not change the scene and choose a restaurant with an outdoor area for a business lunch? Studies have shown that taking work outside can improve levels of concentration and creativity, as well as relieving stress.

Come over to Charles Grech Bistro for your next business lunch

Do you have an important business meeting coming up? Come over to Charles Grech Bistro for an appealing menu and outdoor seating on the sunny Sliema seafront. If you’re looking for a quiet yet elegant bistro in Malta that takes care of everyone’s needs and appetites, we’ve got you covered.

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