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We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”, but have you ever wondered what our drink preferences say about us? Some like it sweet, some like it bitter, and some like it any way they can get it! The team at Charles Grech Bistro have put together a little psychological profile of cocktail drinkers that frequent our renowned bistro in Malta – see if you recognise yourself or any of your friends below!

Manic for Margaritas

You’re bubbly, sociable and are usually found burning up the dancefloor every Friday night. Known as the life of the party, you can always be counted on to liven up any social scene, whether at work, with friends or at a family gathering. Like the Margarita itself, you’re a bright and colourful character, with a salty edge to warn those who would take advantage of your naturally sweet disposition.

A Little Shaken, Not Stirred: The Martini

Most are familiar with the famous catchphrase “No Martini, no party”, but despite what this often-repeated slogan implies, this cocktail has actually been associated with sophistication and intellectualism for many years. Most Martini fans tend to be heavy thinkers, with no time for small talk but will happily engage in philosophical discussion or fiery debates. They can always be relied on for an interesting conversation – and are a handy companion to have when it comes to pub quizzes!

Call Me Old Fashioned

Driven, successful and ambitious – that’s what you are! Like your fictional counterpart, Don Draper, who was responsible for this cocktail’s comeback during the late 00’s, you simply ooze charisma and are capable of winning anyone over. You rely on your family and close friends to keep you grounded, while treating colleagues and old acquaintances with great respect.

Made in Manhattan

If your cocktail of choice is the traditional yet timeless Manhattan cocktail, it’s likely that you enjoy the finer things in life. Your tastes tend to be high-end and exclusive, and you embrace life and all the good things it has to offer. You always choose to remain positive no matter the circumstances, whilst maintaining a pragmatic outlook and figuring out how to make things work to your advantage.

Make Mine a Mojito

Indiana Jones has nothing on you! You have a strong sense of adventure, a wandering soul and a pair of itchy feet. You’re a renowned globetrotter, always planning your next trip and making sure your phone has enough storage for all those photos you’re going to take.

Come over to Charles Grech Bistro and sample some of the best cocktails around!

From the Manhattan to the Martini, our stylish bistro in Sliema has a beverage to suit every taste and lifestyle. Don’t forget to have a look at our mouth-watering menu while you’re here in case you’re feeling just a bit peckish, and enjoy a seafront view from our outdoor area!

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