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Once little more than a fishing village, Sliema has grown into one of Malta’s most commercial towns, well known for its shopping, cafes and beaches. Whether you’re still planning a trip, have just landed, or live here and need some inspiration, check out our pick of things to do in Sliema, brought to you by the team at Charles Grech Bistro, popular bistro in Sliema. You’re welcome!

1. Harbour Tour

Many island and harbour boat tours depart from the Sliema Ferries, where you can also catch a ferry to Malta’s capital, Valletta. Alternatively, stay on land and simply enjoy the gorgeous harbour and bastion views from across the channel. And while you’re at the Ferries…

2. Go Shopping!

Get your retail therapy on in Sliema, which happens to be one of Malta’s main shopping districts, dotted with shops, souvenir shops, and two of the island’s main retail malls.

3. Escape Room

Feeling adventurous? Head to the relatively new escape rooms – where you and your team are (voluntarily) “locked” inside a themed room where you have an hour to escape, using elements found in the room, namely puzzles and clues.

4. Scuba Diving

Still craving adventure? See Malta from a totally different perspective – from under the sea! There are plenty diving schools and centres along the coast connecting Sliema and St. Julian’s.

5. Go for a Swim

Unless it’s a sandy beach you’re looking for, Sliema is a great place for swimming, with many locals and tourists alike flocking to its public beaches. There are also various private lidos, such as Pearl Beach, where you can relax on a sunbed and a cocktail in hand, while enjoying the view and being catered to.

6. Independence Gardens

Located on the main promenade that faces St. Julian’s, take a walk through the park’s flower gardens, get a whiff of the sea, and if you have young children, there’s a playground area at the far end which they can enjoy. An eye-catching, brightly-painted large cat sits on the roof of the toilet block., which should make for some interesting photos against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

7. End your day at our stylish bistro in Sliema for a delicious meal or some premium liquors!

There are many things to do in Sliema, so what better way to end a busy day with a scrumptious dinner at the most elegant bistro Malta has to offer. Take a look at our menu here!

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