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Do you find it impossible to sit down in front of your favourite Netflix series without a generous bowl of snacks within comfortable reaching distance? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Various studies have proven that eating while distracted actually inhibits feelings of fullness, causing us to eat more than we usually do otherwise. And certain TV shows definitely encourage those food cravings! Leave it to the team behind the most elegant bistro in Malta to come up with a list of television shows that always make us feel hungry and send us running to the fridge…

1. The Big Bang Theory

Everyone’s favourite TV nerds are rarely seen sitting together in Sheldon’s living room without Chinese food or a Thai takeaway. Dedicated fans can even tell you what each character likes to order whenever they eat out: quesadilla with soy cheese for Leonard, meat lovers’ pizza with no meat (!) for Raj, shrimp caesar salad for Howard and the BBQ bacon cheeseburger – with all the ingredients at the side – for the ever-so-picky Sheldon.

2. Parks and Recreation

No other comedy has given us so many food cravings for breakfast snacks. With Leslie’s love for waffles and Ron’s adoration of bacon, this show is best marathoned during a lazy Sunday morning, with a generous spread of eggs, ham and a fresh pot of coffee.

3. Bob’s Burgers

This is definitely one of those television shows that always makes us feel hungry! The title says it all! When this quirky animated comedy debuted in 2011, everyone fell in love with the long-suffering burger chef Bob Belcher and his idiosyncratic family members. A running gag on the show is the “Daily Special” listed on a chalkboard behind the restaurant counter, such as the “It’s Fun to Eat at the rYe MCA Burger” with Rye, Mustard, Cheese and Avocado. Yummy!

4. Twin Peaks

Cherry pie, doughnuts and black coffee – the food of Twin Peaks became such a staple of this 90s cult classic that fans actually serve the above recipes at parties and gatherings. In fact, a key scene in the 2017 revival revolved around the amnesiac Agent Cooper reuniting with his favourite cherry pie, sparking off a chain of long lost memories.

5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It stands to reason that, if you’re filming footage of people’s lives, you’re going to end up with numerous scenes of them eating lunch or dinner. Viewers are witness to scenes of the Kardashian sisters flitting from meal to meal, whether they’re chomping on fast food or a healthy green salad.

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