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Referred to by some as the “Superstar of the Seas”, seabass is one of the most popular seafood dishes in homes and restaurants across the world. Known as “Spnott” in Maltese, it’s also a traditional meal on our islands, usually served with plenty of parsley and garlic, together with lashings of sea salt and olive oil. Chefs praise its flavour and the level of sophistication that its shiny, silver scales give off upon presentation. As the most stylish bistro in Sliema, we’ve dished out a few facts about our favourite fish below!

Perfect For Any Occasion

Sea bass is highly versatile in nature; it tastes great whether pan-fried, baked, roasted or steamed. It works as either a main course as part of a fancy dinner, or just a casual meal for lunch with family or friends. There are many different sides and sauces it can be served with, such as citrus-dressed broccoli, spicy peas, ratatouille and minted fennel with radish salad. It’s entirely up to you!

Celebrities love it

Famous UK chefs have all been seen on television showcasing their love for seabass. Gordon Ramsay enjoys his pan-fried with broccoli and sorrel sauce, whereas Jamie Oliver opts for sea bass fillets baked on a bed of mushroom potatoes (a dish he actually served in 1999 to Tony Blair and the Italian Prime Minister, Massimo D’Alema). Nigella Lawson likes to barbecue hers with preserved lemons, a highly-popular choice for many bass lovers.

It’s full of nutrients and health benefits

Low in calories and high in protein, sea bass makes for a highly nutritious meal. It’s also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to lower blood pressure as well as reduce levels of cholesterol.

As the most popular bistro in Sliema, Charles Grech Bistro is all about that bass…

No treble! Our new menu offers a tempting main course of Fresh Filleted Seabass, served with a delicious side of asparagus, tomato and caper yoghurt. If you’ve got room for more, help yourself to one our our side dishes – and don’t forget to ask about our positively decadent desserts to end your meal on a sweet note! Make your way over to Charles Grech Bistro in Sliema to treat yourself and your loved ones to a truly unique food experience. Make a reservation now on 21320926. Follow us on Facebook for updates!