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Taste may be subjective, but what if we had to tell you that your ability to perceive nuances of flavour is related to something as simple as your gender? The curious souls at Charles Grech Bistro investigate the difference in the way males and females experience flavour.

The connection between taste and smell

Women have taken their fair share of slack about their inferior driving skills from men, however, in the scientific world, women are known to generally outperform men on tests for identifying scents. And in a recent study published in the November 2014 issue of PLoS ONE, scientists discovered that post-mortem female brains had, on average, 43% more cells and almost 50% more neurons in their olfactory centers -which are responsible for smelling – than their male counterparts. And considering the strong link between smell and taste, it should come as no surprise that women tend to have more sensitive palates than men.

It’s all just a matter of taste(buds)

Not only are women known to have sharper tongues (as every man who’s found himself in an unfortunate argument with one will confirm), but a study by Yale University found that they also have more taste buds. This allows them to identify flavours more strongly and pick up subtle nuances of flavour better.


First coined in the 1990s, this term refers to people who have a much higher taste response than others, which makes them extremely sensitive to bitter tastes, such as coffee and grapefruit juice. 35% of women vs only 15% of men are supertasters, which might account for the fact that less women tend to like beer than men. 25% of the population are considered ‘non-tasters’, whose taste is far less sensitive. The rest lie somewhere in between on the taste-sensitivity spectrum.

Turns out, taste is just one of the five ways men and women sense differently. Studies suggest that women tend to taste, smell, hear, see colours and feel textures more accurately than men. So take a moment and revisit the age-old quote; “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.

A menu for every palate

Next time you’re cooking for someone of the opposite sex, keep the different ways males and females experience flavour in mind! Alternatively, come over to Charles Grech Bistro and let our skilled chefs do the work for you – our varied menu has something to please every palate out there.

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