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Equally skilled at preparing Michelin-star-worthy food as he is at hurling harsh insults, Gordon Ramsay has infiltrated the world of cuisine and TV cooking programmes. The team at Charles Grech Bistro – the most renowned bistro Malta has to offer – have compiled a list of factoids to feast on which feature this boisterous chef, restauranteur and TV personality.

1. From rags to riches

His father was an abusive alcoholic and womaniser who didn’t have a permanent profession and took his anger out on his younger wife. Gordon moved out from the council estate at the age of 16, escaping his father’s abuse and neglect. His tough upbringing may very well have influenced his ethos when it comes to his own parenting style.

2. He refuses to spoil his children

Not only is Ramsay extremely disciplined himself, he’s also known not to hand his children everything on a silver platter. Despite being a millionaire, his teenagers earn their own money and were brought up helping charities. They don’t sit with him and his wife in first class, nor will they be inheriting their father’s fortune.

3. Discipline, discipline…

Gordon Ramsay claims that if he weren’t a chef, his second choice of career would be a navy SEAL, as they require a lot of self-discipline.

4. He’s just as serious about fitness as he is food

The hot-tempered chef has many outlets for his energy. The former football player is passionate about MMA and boxing, and if that weren’t enough, we’ll have you know that the former football player has also participated in plenty of marathons, including three half-Ironmans and the Ironman World Championship twice. What’s more, he has a black belt in karate – which we reckon is a good thing considering he’s been named one of the 60 nastiest villains of all time!

5. He has multiple Michelin stars under his belt

His restaurants have been awarded multiple Michelin stars, yet the aptly-named Restaurant Gordon Ramsay – which serves polished French dishes – is the longest-running restaurant in London to hold three Michelin stars.

6. He refuses to eat frozen dinners

It should come as no surprise, but the celebrity Michelin chef hates frozen meals, claiming they all taste exactly the same and take as much time to heat as it would to create something simple like a stir-fry made from scratch.

7. He doesn’t watch his own TV shows

From Kitchen Nightmares to Hell’s Kitchen, you may have realised Gordon Ramsay is not one to mince his words. He avoids watching himself on TV as he doesn’t want to get self-obsessed and question why he said certain things.

At Charles Grech Bistro, popular bistro in Sliema, we are certainly nowhere as outspoken or intimidating as the abrasive chef himself. However, we will turn your legs turn into jelly, not with military-style treatment, but with our mouth-watering dishes! Make a reservation at our restaurant in Sliema for high-quality ingredients and sea views.

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