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Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while food enthusiasts claim that food goes to the soul. But did you know it has links to the mind as well? Here are some insightful food psychology facts that’ll help you get your Sigmund Freud on.


1. Context influences food taste

Imagine eating your absolute favourite food out of a plate shaped like a toilet bowl. Hardly appetising. We often eat or turn food down based on context; we perceive the taste of what’s in front of us according to time of the day, the people around us, the place we’re at, as well as the way the food is presented.


2. Food can cause jealousy

Eating together has powerful psychological overtones, and according to a study by Kniffin and Wansink (2012), lunch is a serious undertaking, especially when it’s with an ex-partner! Compared with having a coffee or talking over the phone, eating with an ex provoked the most jealousy in partners since eating together is a way to bond.


3. Feeling full?

We tend to believe that the intensity of our hunger pangs determines the quantity of food eaten. While this holds true, our stomachs only provide crude messages about how much we’ve eaten. Instead, we rely on visual factors like plate size and serving spoons, which also affect our food intake.


4. Taste fades

With age, taste sensation weakens due to fewer taste buds and a loss of sense of smell. Since these are both crucial to the taste experience, older people might need 2 to 9 times more salt and condiment to experience the food’s actual taste.


5. When in doubt, pig out

Have you ever seen anyone reaching for a bunch of kale to drown their sorrows after a breakup? Neither have we, and that’s because negative emotions make us reach for high-fat and sugary foods in place of a proper nutritious meal.


6. Distracted eating leads to overeating

Zoning out from a routine experience such as eating is easy. However, when our minds wander (while watching a movie for instance), we tend to shovel in food faster and faster, thus eating more and getting less enjoyment from it. Mindful eating, according to food psychology, requires taking smaller bites and paying more attention to what you are eating. This, in turn, makes the food more enjoyable.


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