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Your stomach is rumbling, you’re shaking slightly and you’re starting to get murderous thoughts. The good news is you’re not losing it, you’re probably just not getting enough glucose to your brain. Hanger – the linguistic mashup of hunger and anger – is a real phenomenon. Charles Grech Bistro, popular restaurant in Sliema, discuss the most common signs you (and anyone around) are suffering from hanger and reasons to get something in your system ASAP.

1. Living in general is a struggle

Glucose is a vital nutrient of brain function, so when your blood-glucose levels fall with hunger, you have trouble maintaining normal cognitive function. Simple things like paying attention or behaving appropriately seem impossible until you haven’t had a bite to eat.

2. Self-control is MIA

You really aren’t yourself when you’re hungry. Between snapping at everyone in sight and gorging on all the doughnuts in the break room, hanger can make all the self-control you’ve worked so hard to develop go out the window.

3. Little things feel like the end of the world

It’s hard to rationalise when you’re hungry. When your blood sugar drops low enough, your brain sends signals to your body to start releasing more glucose into the bloodstream. One of the ways your body does this is by secreting adrenaline, the fight-or-flight hormone, and cortisol, the hormone we most commonly associate with stress. Which is why you may feel anxious even if there’s nothing stressful happening outside of your body to warrant it.

4. Everything looks edible

Hanger has a tendency to make you obsess about food. You consider eating things you don’t even like just because they happen to be there. Stale crackers have never looked so inviting.

5. You start petty fights with your significant other

Since we’re more likely to act out towards the people we’re closest to, it should come as no surprise that our significant other generally takes the brunt of our hanger. Lucky them.

6. You feel an intense urge to nap

Hunger often comes with a side of fatigue, due to our cells being starved of energy. Hungry and tired; dangerous combination.

There’s only one solution to Hanger…

So if you ever find yourself hating the entire world, you might just be hungry. The solution? Eat something. And maybe apologise. We invite you to Charles Grech Bistro at the very first sign of hanger. We offer well-balanced snacks and meals to help balance out your blood sugar levels and turn you back into your regular, (semi) friendly self. All our food is fresh and of the finest quality, which is to be expected from one the most popular Bistro Malta has seen!


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