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As all food lovers would agree, beginning a new year by resolving to eat less in order to lose weight is a great way to spend 12 months in utter misery. Rather than reducing or depriving yourself of culinary delights, why not make healthy changes instead? Eating healthier meals is not only rewarding and more nutritious, but a great and fun way to challenge yourself as a cook and discover new recipes. As one of the top restaurants in Sliema, the team at Charles Grech Bistro shares a few New Year food resolutions below to at least start off 2019 on the right foot.

1. What is H2O4?

To hydrate, of course! Drinking enough water is essential for our overall health – yet many of us never seem to remember to drink enough throughout the day. Increase your H2O intake everyday by eating plenty of hydrating foods (such as watermelon, strawberries and cucumbers) which will provide you with vital nutrients and fill you up at the same time.

2. Enroll in Cooking Classes

Bring your Pinterest board to life by actually learning to prepare all those delicious meals you keeping pinning but never cooking. Knowing how to prepare your own meals from raw ingredients instead of tins or ready-made packages is so much healthier, and cooking classes are also a great way of meeting fellow foodies and making new friends.

3. Start Meal Planning

Feeling guilty about all that money you spend at work on takeaway and delivery? Meal planning for the week can save you time and funds if done properly. Set aside some free time during the weekend and cook in batches; ideally, prepare big meals like curries or casseroles which last over a long time and can be frozen in storage containers to be eaten later.

4. Go Nuts Over… Well, Nuts

Major research has recently discovered that just a handful of nuts everyday can greatly reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. All types of nuts contain multiple health benefits, but walnuts in particular, as they contain the same omega 3 fatty acids typically found in fish.

5. Do Meatless Mondays!

We love a tasty plate of meat as much as the next person, but making an effort to cut it out once a week has many benefits: not only does it reduce risk of disease, manage your weight and improve your fibre intake, it also decreases your carbon footprint. Call up your veggie friends for some recipe ideas, or invite them over for dinner!

Lastly, come over to one of the best restaurants in Sliema and take a bite out of our mouth-watering menu!

From grilled salads and nourishing soups to healthy sides of cauliflower and broccoli, you don’t need to break any of your food resolutions here at Charles Grech Bistro. For a warm ambience, delicious dishes and a wide range of drinks and cocktails, make your way over to one of the most stylish restaurants in Sliema!

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