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Summer’s here and in full swing, which means that fish is definitely the food of choice on the Maltese islands this season! Although seafood isn’t necessarily seasonal, and can (and should!) be eaten all year round, there’s something about the sea and the nautical breeze surrounding us that makes us crave a nice plate of salmon or swordfish along with some fresh crunchy veggies. Have a look below at some of the favourite fishy dishes belonging to the team at Charles Grech Bistro, the most stylish restaurant in Sliema.

Crazy About Cod

Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties, cod should definitely be on your diet plan this summer. Because of their meat and oil, humans have hunted them for thousands of years, even going back to the time of the Vikings. Cod is high in omega-3 fatty acids as well as phosphorus for a healthy heart and strong bones. Its mild and pleasant flavour makes it a highly-diverse fish for cooking – it pairs well with many different sides or salads.

Swordfish Makes Us Salivate

Known as pixxispad in Maltese, this delectable fish is a local favourite. Its moist, meaty texture together with its delicate, sweet flavour makes it stand out from other seafood as an especially hearty and filling meal. Although it’s often served on its own as a steak, Mediterranean cultures often serve it on spaghetti covered with oil and tomatoes for a truly lovely summer lunch.

The Perfection of Prawns

Prawns are another type of seafood that go great with spaghetti – our own chefs include them in their carbonara recipe, alongside egg and Italian pancetta. The juicy tenderness of the prawns is a perfect contrast to the crunchy bacon, and the thick spaghetti strands easily soak up all the creamy, eggy goodness of the sauce.

To Ceviche Their Own

A ceviche (pronounced seh-vee-cheh) is a seafood dish thought to have originated in Peru. Usually served as an appetiser, the recipe consists of fresh fish marinated in citrus juice: an absolutely perfect summer dish for a sweltering hot day. Included in the marinade is a generous helping of vegetables and fruit for a mixture of different tastes and textures.

There’s no better bistro in Sliema that will satisfy all your seafood cravings with their fishy dishes this summer!

Come over and treat yourself to our pan-fried fillet of fresh cod, served with chorizo, peas and cannellini bean ragu. If you’re in the mood for something more traditional, our swordfish spaghetti or prawn carbonara definitely won’t disappoint. Begin your meal by ordering our delicious fish ceviche with avocado mash as a starter. If you’re in the mood for something different, opt for our heavenly salmon salad served with brie and walnuts! Charles Grech Bistro is also proud to offer an outside area where guests can enjoy both their food and a view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

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