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They are the glue that holds the group together. The egg that binds. Different personalities play significant roles in whatever group they form part of. Having served people delicious food for years now, our team at Charles Grech Bistro has observed how the archetypal characteristics of every person forming part of a social group emerges when eating at our restaurant in Sliema. Here are some common dinner guest archetypes!

1. The Klutz

Yes, they’re always there, making sure you don’t forget they’re there – be it through the sound of shattering glass or the loud clinking of cutlery hitting the floor. Then there’s the sounds of those around them, grumbling whenever the klutz spills their drink all over them, staining their new trousers. Much to their friends’ amusement (and horror), even in a completely barren area, this dinner guest will always find something to trip over, bump into, or quite frankly, destroy.

2. The Leader

They may not be leading an army of soldiers through the trenches, but everyone knows this person is the leader nobody ever voted for. The table will be reserved under their name (regardless of whether they’re the one who called to make the reservation or not), and this group member will always take initiative; whether it’s asking for the menu, making a complaint, or being the one who tastes the wine. Everyone turns to The Leader whenever the waiter asks a question which they’re not sure how to answer; a role he’s fine with as long as he’s not the one dumped with the pleasure of settling the bill.

3. The Mum

Every group has a mum, and if it doesn’t, it should. The mum is the voice of reason, the one asking if everyone’s food is OK. The one making sure you don’t overeat, your cholesterol levels are kept in check, shushing you when it gets too loud.

4. The Glutton

Why order one main when you can order three? This free spirit is always down for trying anything, anywhere, in large amounts. Excuse me, another gin, please. Carpe Diem.

5. The Clown

This free entertainer has the character, wit, skill and timing to crack everyone up out of the blue, uplift the group without even trying and defuse the most heated of arguments with one simple comment.

6. The Health Freak

No order is complete without making some form of change to at least half the listed ingredients. Less cheese, no onions, extra ginger. The rest of the group winces in their seat – apart perhaps from The Joker – who will jump at this perfect opportunity to crack a witty joke about The Health Freak.

Looking to tickle your tastebuds at a stylish restaurant in Sliema?

At Charles Grech Bistro, we welcome all dinner guest types and appreciate that variety is the spice of life, which is evident in our menu. Come over to our restaurant in Sliema and take a bite into one of our mouth-watering starters, soups, salads, scrumptious mains and delectable desserts – all made from fresh, quality ingredients.

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