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Here at Charles Grech Bistro we have but one golden rule – always leave room for one of our heavenly desserts! Rounding off a satisfying meal with some refreshing ice-cream or a sinfully delicious sweet treat has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Have a look below at what delectable desserts we offer at the most stylish bistro Malta has to offer!

Craving some Creme Brulee?

You’re in luck – that’s just one of our irresistible options on the menu. Indulge in this rich, custard-based dessert, topped off with a hard layer of caramel. Worry about the diet later.

Opt for Perfection with our Orange Panna Cotta

Who doesn’t love this popular Italian dessert? Simple yet absolutely scrumptious, panna cotta is a smooth, silky mix of gelatin and sweetened cream. It covers a wide spectrum of tastes and textures depending on the chosen recipe. Restaurant chefs love it because it’s such a great way to show off seasonal ingredients, as well as providing both a luxurious taste and appearance. Our orange panna cotta here at Charles Grech Bistro is definitely one of our biggest crowd-pleasers.

A Warm Apple Crumble a Day Keeps the Doctor Away…

… well, probably not – but let’s just tell ourselves that! Enjoy this lovely balance of hot and cold on your plate, with a serving of yummy cinnamon ice-cream on the side.

Savour Some Semifreddo

If you’re not quite in the mood for ice-cream, but are still craving something fresh and creamy, then our semifreddo dessert could be exactly what you’re looking for. Another beloved staple in Italian cuisine, semifreddo is luscious, decadent and a slice of veritable paradise. Our talented chefs flavour theirs with white chocolate and coffee.

And just in case your taste buds haven’t already been tickled enough, we can’t go without mentioning our chocolate brownie served with biscottino ice-Cream, as well as a selection of ice-creams by the scoop. For some of the best food and best desserts on the island, there’s no better place than Charles Grech Bistro in Sliema!

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