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Films can have a powerful effect on their audience, some even having the ability to play with our senses and making us almost taste a food just by seeing it through images and adding some crunch and sizzle added to the sound mix. Over the years, plenty of films have chased that sensation, and we swear we’ve tasted some of the most delicious food without actually tasting it! Popular restaurant in Malta, Charles Grech Bistro, shares a few cooking movies that will make you work up an appetite and release the crazy passionate chef in you. [Warning: Spoiler alerts!]

1. Burnt (2015)

One of the more recent films to enter the culinary world, all-star ‘Burnt’ follows the story of Adam Jones, played by Bradley Cooper – a chef attempting a comeback after destroying his career with drugs and bad-boy behaviour. The destructive genius cleans up his act and returns to London, and redeems himself by leading a top restaurant towards earning a three Michelin-star rating. The beautifully-lit shots of burner flames, glazes, char marks, and mouth-watering foods served on immaculate china, leaves its audience yearning for some fashionable high-end cuisine.

2. Ratatouille (2007)

Seldom can an animated comedy make us salivate over shots of elegantly-prepared cuisine, particularly one about a rat with culinary aspirations who dwells in the walls of a French restaurant. And yet Pixar’s heart-warming flick does just that. Remy, an idealistic rat who dreams of becoming a professional chef, gets the chance to showcase his mad skills when the owner of a haughty French bistro messes up a soup. The heroic Remy steps in and creates a winning dish: sumptuous ratatouille, which wins over the villainous food critic Anton Ego.

3. Big Night (1996)

Taking us back to the 90’s, this great movies portrays food as the language of passion, seduction and one by which one can speak to gods. It tells the story of two Italian brothers, recent immigrants to the USA, who run a restaurant. Big Night sees devoted Primo and Secondo in the kitchen, totally absorbed in their labour and culinary conversations.

There is an unbroken shot in which one brother prepares a perfect omelette and serves it to the other. Another scene sees one brother feeding his crush lasagne and telling her, “To eat good food is to be close to God.” However, among the moments that make the audience’s mouths water is one showing a timpano being sliced open, causing anyone watching to sigh in delight. The film ends with a culinary climax: the restaurant is filled with diners feasting on one magnificent course after another, which Primo sends from the kitchen.

If you’ve worked up an appetite after watching one of these cooking movies or reading about them but are not in the mood of cooking, come over to popular restaurant in Sliema, Charles Grech Bistro, and try one of our own delicious and skillfully-plated dishes!

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