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Few appetisers get our tastebuds going quite like a steaming plate of fresh calamari fritti – one of the most popular dishes to ever come out of Italy. These crisp, golden rings are usually served battered and fried, and when drizzled with lemon juice – well, they taste just like heaven on a plate! Find out a few interesting facts about this squiddelicious dish below, brought to you by one of the most popular restaurants in Sliema, Charles Grech Bistro.

Squid All About It

Calamari squid are mollusks related to octopus and cuttlefish, and have ten tentacles. The most edible part is derived from the body, which is sliced crosswise into rings from which calamari are made. Calamari steaks can also be prepared by splitting and flattening out the body; the latter can also be stuffed whole with onions, rice and tomatoes to make another classic Italian recipe. Mildly sweet and slightly nutty in flavour, calamari usually have a firm and chewy texture when eaten.

International Variations

Although the dish is arguably the most popular in Mediterranean countries, other parts of the world have also warmed to this recipe. This is particularly true of Asian countries; the Koreans, for example, serve fresh squid wrapped in pillard leaves or lettuce, seasoning it with mustard, salt and sauce. In New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, calamari can often be bought from fish and chip shops on the street.

Perfect Pairings

We suggest going for a bottle of your favourite rosé or a dry, white wine. If you’re making or serving calamari at home, dipping sauces such as a garlicky aioli or a simple tomato sauce make for excellent table companions. Impress your guests by whipping up a quick cocktail sauce (usually made with horseradish, Tabasco and lemon juice) to add some spice and extra flavour.

Come Over to One of the Best Restaurants in Sliema and Savour Our Calamari Fritti!

There’s no squidding around when it comes to food here at Charles Grech Bistro! Our starter of Calamari Fritti is served alongside tartar sauce, loaded with bright flavours and a zesty punch that will leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for the top restaurants in Sliema, make a beeline for us at Charles Grech Bistro, where we guarantee amazing food, sophistication and a classy, warm ambience. Call us on 21320926 to make a reservation.

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