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A combination of stewing and roasting, braising is a simple, easy way to prepare cuts of meat, fish and vegetables. It results in rich, flavourful dishes that will impress both you and your guests! The team at Charles Grech Bistro shares a few reasons why braising food is a favoured method of cooking here at our restaurant in Sliema.

First of all: what is braising?

Braising meat incorporates the use of wet heat. This simply means that meat or vegetables are cooked in liquid (such as stock, wine or beer) on low heat over a long period of time, after being seared or browned in a hot, oven-proof pan. When meat is braised, its connective tissue is broken down into gelatin, drying out the moisture found in the muscle fibres. After a while, these fibres reabsorb the gelatin and melted fat, along with the flavours of any added herbs. This creates a luscious, thick sauce as well as a particularly succulent texture for the meat.

The Benefits Of Braising Food

1. You can create a broad variety of food presentations and recipes

From an assortment of different vegetables and spices to a wide number of fish, meats and poultry, braising is a cooking method that can be use with virtually any type of food.

2. It provides tastier meals

As described above, the juices and flavours that combine during braising create a unique taste for the majority of meats that is especially rich. The soft, tender texture that is obtained almost feels like soft butter melting in your mouth when eaten – the meat pulls apart easily with just a fork.

3. It’s a healthier way of cooking fish

When you cook or deep-fry fish in a lot of batter, many of its nutrients (including omega-3 fatty acids) end up being lost through dilution. On the other hand, braising fish allows plenty of flavour to seep out and retain many health benefits; keep in mind that fish, being more delicate than meat, should be braised over a much shorter period of time.

Come over to the most stylish bistro Sliema has to offer to sample some braised delights!

Here at Charles Grech Bistro, we offer a number of dishes prepared using dynamic and versatile cooking methods. Enjoy some braised Beef Short ribs, served with a side of mashed potatoes. Opt for our Pan-fried Calf’s Liver, accompanied by a helping of braised savoy cabbage and pancetta, or the Veal Ossobuco, a dish consisting of braised veal shanks, mashed polenta and gremolata dressing. For sumptuous food and the most elegant bistro Malta has to offer, look no further than Charles Grech Bistro!

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