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You’ve climbed the highest of mountains. Crossed the roughest of seas. Swiped right on Tinder. And finally found someone you’d love to take out on a date. Here are a few dinner date disasters to avoid at all costs, brought to you by the team at Charles Grech Bistro.


1. Something stuck between your teeth

Probably somewhere at the top of most people’s ‘Top embarrassing moments to have on a date’. We all try to look our best on a date, which is why nothing really compares to how mortifying it is to look in a mirror and realise you’ve had parsley or some other form of greenery stuck in your teeth the whole time you were flirting and laughing at every one of your date’s jokes.

Our Tip: Carry a pocket mirror around or subtly use your mobile’s the selfie photo setting to check your reflection. Preferably time it when your date is telling jokes so you can smile to see your teeth while your mobile covers most of your face.


2. Conversation burnout

The unpleasant nature of awkward silences is associated with feelings of gut-wrenching anxiety. And according to studies, it takes four full seconds of silence to make it feel awkward.

Our Tip: Ask about family, travels, and try to find mutual interests. If that doesn’t work, the only way to alleviate this level of painful is to take a trip to the bathroom (check your teeth in the bathroom mirror) – or dig into food and at least have something to talk about then. Ideally, the food arrives at any point before those four seconds are up.


3. Sloppy Drunk

What’s more attractive than being on a date with someone speaking gibberish and laughing at their own jokes? While there’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two to calm your nerves, showing up – or turning into – a sloppy drunk is a no-go.

Our Tip: Savour your beverages. Sip them slowly and thoughtfully.


4. Eating like Garfield

It’s all going well. Until the food arrives. Your date suddenly turns into a mix between Garfield and a vacuum cleaner, and they’re eating like they haven’t eaten in months.

Our Tip: It’s been said that you should dine the way you make love. Eat slowly and make eye contact. Just don’t be creepy about it.


5. Etiquette

Eating is instinctual, and like other instinctual things, we often go on autopilot when we have food staring up at us – especially when we’re hungry. However, the meal you’re about to have isn’t one for survival. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a stiff event, where you’re stressing so much about which fork to use that you’re not even listening to what your date has to say.

Our Tip: Unless you want your date to think you went to finishing school in the jungle, don’t scrape cutlery, chew loudly or speak with a full mouth. There’s nothing more off-putting than committing one of these culinary crimes. Spare yourselves the ordeal.

Of course, if you’ve survived the date and got so far as dessert, we recommend sharing a sweet treat you both enjoy, and perhaps even pair it with wine!

From business lunches to romantic dinner dates, our menu caters towards all occasions. And with a symphonic combination of the belle époque style décor and fine leather, our restaurant in Sliema is the epitome of class and sophistication. Come over to Charles Grech Bistro – the most stylish bistro Malta has to offer (if we may say so ourselves!)

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